Bark Book Interaction Design Project

Bark Book

This project prompted me practice low-fidelity interaction design through the creation of an animal-focused citizen science app.

My response was Bark Book, an app targeted towards new puppy owners. In this concept, scientists are collecting data about dog growth rates, and use the intrinsic motivation of owners to take pictures of their pups to fuel data collection. Bark Book prompts the users to upload pictures they likely already have of their dog over time, then allows scientists to collect information about various dog breed growth rates, from both the images and several other fields the users fill out.

After sharing their dog’s photos and information for a set amount of time, the owner receives a flipbook made with the images they uploaded as a reward for contributing to the citizen science app.

This low-fidelity Marvel Prototype serves as a concept example for the BarkBook app and provides the ability to test the proposed interaction design.  

For an explanation of this app’s concept in video format, see the one minute video presentation below.